Playoff Schedule

A – [Ballbarians] @ [ACEholes] 8am, Field 1
B – [Sons of Pitches] @ [OG BallAZ] 8am, Field 2
C – [Ball Busterz] @ [UntouchaBalls] 930am, Field 1
D – [Foot Clan] @ [RamRod] 930am, Field 2

E – A winners vs C winners 11am, Field 1
F – B winners vs D winners 11am, Field 2

G – E winners vs F winners 1230pm, Field 1 (CHAMPIONSHIP)
H – E losers vs F losers 1230pm, Field 2 (THIRD-PLACE GAME)

During the playoffs, the superior seed is the HOME team.

Ball Busters base ref field 1 : Foot Clan base ref field 2

Losers of A and B base ref C and D, Losers of C and D base ref E and F, etc.

Our game dates will be held at Todd Harris Sports Complex softball fields.

Standings & Schedule


--OG BallAZ812521065260.750
--Sons of Pitches84206022940.250
--Ball Busterz82107024910.125
--Foot Clan82107030920.125


*Please note that during playoffs, the superior seed is the ‘home’ team unless they prefer otherwise.