Standings & Schedule

Our game dates will be held at Todd Harris Sports Complex softball fields.

Fun Games – Friday, May 13th

End of Season Party /Fun Games – Friday, May 20th

Playoffs – Saturday, May 21st

[A] #5 Ballbarians @ #4 OG BallAZ – 8am, Field 1 1B/3B: Ball Busterz
[B] #6 Teach U @ #3 ACEHoles – 8am, Field 2 1B/3B: Sons of Pitches

[C] #8 Ball Busterz @ #1 Ducks – 9am, Field 1 1B/3B: Losers of Game A
[D] #7 Sons of Pitches @ #2 Alcoballics – 9am, Field 2 1B/3B: Losers of Game B

[E] #5 Ballbarians @ #1 Ducks – 10am, Field 1 1B/3B: Losers of Game D
[F] #6 Teach U @ #2 Alcoballics – 10am, Field 2 1B/3B: Losers of Game C

[G] #6 Teach U @ #1 Ducks – 11am – Field 1 🏆Championship
1B/3B: Jeff and AJ OR 1x Loser of Game E, 1x Loser of Game F

Referee Schedules

A reminder that teams are required to provide two base refs for each time slot below (which is either right before or after your game). Failure to staff a field with refs will result in a 2-pt standing penalty – if a team forfeits and fails to provide a referee on a given night, that team will get both 2-pt standing penalties for a total of -4 pts.

*Please note that during playoffs, the superior seed is the ‘home’ team unless they prefer otherwise.


1The Ducks714700062291.000
4OG BallAZ78403052340.571
6Teach U76304046430.429
7Sons of Pitches72106037900.143
8Ball Busterz70007024890.000