Schedule Posted; Important Rule Clarifications

Please read the notes below and share with your teammates – ignorance of the rules is not going to be an excuse, so read carefully and ask questions if you have them.

Updated rules and responsibilities:

New Rule Alert!!

No overhand or side arm pitching, underhand only. Still two bounces requires!

Each team will have to provide 2 base referees at least three times per season (but not home plate). Failure to staff a field with refs will result in a 2-pt standing penalty – if a team forfeits and fails to provide a referee on a given night, that team will get both 2-pt standing penalties for a total of -4 pts.

Sportsmanship / Keeping it Fun
Please remember that we are all out here to have fun. If your competitiveness prevents you from participating in the game in a civil manner, please do some reflection on why that is and calm the eff down. This league won’t last forever and continued negative events are going to hasten the end of the League.

Guest players
Guest players MUST be registered participants in the league for insurance purposes. As before, guest players are only permitted to make a team legal in terms of having the minimum number of players. Teams who play ineligible players will be disqualified and may be asked to not return to the league.

Captain ‘Challenges’
Each captain will have a single ‘challenge’ (like in the NFL, NHL, etc) to use on a close call* to be resolved by a 2-out-of-3 roshambo.

*Please note that these will only be eligible on calls that the head referee — in their sole discretion — feels are close. If the referee is 100% confident in the call, it will not be eligible for a challenge.

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