Season begins on Friday!

It’s about that time again my friends – kickball begins on Friday, October 29th. Schedules are posted and kegs are en route. Please see some notes about this season below.

The most important rule

🎃 Costume Contest 10/29/2021

  • Nothing racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. (See Rule 1-1)
  • Winner (determined solely by Jeff, Steve, and AJ) will get a full refund for this season’s fees.
  • NOTE: you MUST tag Kickball520tucson on instagram to be eligible to WIN.

Referee Assignments (New)

  • It has become too difficult to referee solo in this league – it is nearly impossible to watch bases for tag-ups while keeping an eye on whether a catch was made, etc. For this reason, I am instituting a first base referee program this season – every team will have between 4 or 5 games where a member will have to assist a head ref at first base (I am leaning a little harder on the seasoned teams).
  • This is not a difficult job – you’re just there as an extra set of eyes for the head ref, who will help you learn if necessary. That being said, maybe don’t throw a newbie out there on week 1.
  • Ref how you want to be reffed – failure to discharge your duties WILL result in a team penalty and MAY result in your removal from future seasons of the league.
  • Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES will players be allowed to argue with 1B referees. Captains may address concerns to the head referee but 1B refs are OFF LIMITS.

Schedule / Playoffs

  • I apologize again for the disjointed schedule last season – I recognize that it was not ideal and I will work hard to avoid issues like that in the future.
  • Weather may change these dates, but our daytime tournament is tentatively scheduled for January 15th.

Scoring, Standings, and Team Penalties

  • Standings and playoff seedings are based on getting 2pts/win, 1pt/tie, 0pt/loss, and -2pts/penalty. For tiebreakers:
  1. Head-to-Head game result. If game resulted in a tie, see #2
  2. Fewest runs scored AGAINST. (Running up the score does not help you here so don’t do it)
  3. Rock-Paper-Scissors
  • Penalties may be assessed for missing ref assignments, no-shows without proper notice (12 hrs), unsportsmanlike conduct, or any other reason at the sole discretion of Jeff.

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