8 days away!

When we meet up next Friday, it will have been 490 days since our last games – I can’t tell you how thrilled I am that we’re back at it – I have missed most of you!

Please read the following notes carefully so you are ready to play.

  • BYOB – we did not account for kegs in the registration fees but the keg will be back next season (tentatively scheduled for October)
  • Since we registered our fields with the City, CDC and City guidelines have changed so masks are optional – people who are not fully vaccinated are strongly encouraged to wear masks.  A reminder of this league’s very strict ‘don’t be a jerk’ policy – we don’t know anybody’s personal situation so I will not tolerate people hassling others on wearing or not wearing a mask. HOWEVER, let’s please be smart & thoughtful about good hygiene practices.
  • Guests will be allowed, but PLEASE keep it minimal for this season.
  • The last week we played, there were some conflicts on the field due to people taking a children’s sport way too seriously.  As I will share with your captains during our meeting, there will be zero tolerance for shouting matches, let alone chest-bumping, faux-macho bullshit.  Failure to control your team will result in ejections, forfeits, suspensions, and expulsions depending on the situation.  Let’s keep it groovy, yo.
  • Please plan on an END OF SEASON PARTY – time and location to be announced!

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