Playoffs / End-of-Season Party Information

Happy Monday everybody! This means only 4 more days until Friday night kickball! This post will have a lot of important information so please make sure you read it all. A few notes:

  • Playoffs and End of Season Party
    • Due to time restraints, playoffs will have only 8 teams. So those of you in the bottom of the standings better pick it up to avoid being the one team to miss the big dance.
    • The End-of-Season party will take place on the last week of playoffs on June JULY 26th! Yes, some teams are playing but bringing food to others is what friends are for.
    • Our end-of-season party will feature:
      • Mexican food from Casa Molina
      • Desserts and goodies
      • And, of course, beer
  • Next Season
    • Next season begins on September 6th, so the team deadline is August 23rd and individual deadline is August 30th. After that date, registration costs increase!
    • In order to allow for a 12-team season, we will have games scheduled at 7pm, 8pm, and 9pm every Friday. If your team has a time preference, I will try to accommodate as much as possible depending on severity of the problem but you need to let me know as soon as your team is registered.

Playoff Schedule:

Playoffs, Week 01 – 07/19/2019
GAME A: Seed 01 vs Seed 08 – 8pm, Field 1
GAME B: Seed 02 vs Seed 07 – 8pm, Field 2
GAME C: Seed 03 vs Seed 06 – 9pm, Field 1
GAME D: Seed 04 vs Seed 05 – 9pm, Field 2

Playoffs, Week 02 – 07/26/2019
Semifinal Game 01: A winner vs D winner, 8pm, Field 1
Semifinal Game 02: B winner vs C winner, 8pm, Field 2
Championship: 8pm winners

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