A kickballer needs our help

Folks, our friend Gretchen needs our help.  From fellow Ballbarians teammate Nadia:

In the picture you can see a lovely woman, Carla, surrounded by two daughters and two grandsons who love her so so much! Carla has been struggling with many medical problems for years and years but is sadly now in hospice care. The beautiful person I say needs help is Gretchen. For as long as I can remember Gretchen has been taking care of her mom, sister, nephew and son all on her own.. often putting her own needs aside. She will bend over backwards to help anyone in need.. but now it is her who can use some help.

Let’s help her raise the money she needs to get her mommy cremated and get them all to Florida so she can put her momma to rest close to her family and with her dearly departed daughter, Mia. Even if we can’t raise the full amount at least we can help making it less stressful for her. Thank you all.

If you can help, donate here.  If not, please consider sharing the GoFundMe page.

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