AKA Podcast 061

More on kickball, Tim’s odd obsession with weird Korean movies and how the Handmaids Tale wouldn’t be so bad if roles were reversed. Read more

AKA Podcast 060

[1] Kickball Season Party and Championship [2] Overrunning 1st base – clarifications [3] Airports suck and bring out the worst in people [4] Handmaid’s Tale... Read more

AKA Podcast 059

[-] Matt Lauer is a dick [-] Kids interrupt BBC interview [-] Chubby girls and short guys [-] Wildcat Basketball [-] Where is Richard Simmons? [-]... Read more

AKA Podcast 058

[1] This season, next Season [2] The playoff bracket and procedures going forward [3] Autobahn Speedway [4] Lord of the Wings Read more